Activities this Week

Week beginning 23.11.2020

With our Christmas break only two weeks away now, we have made a start on our Christmas activities.  The children have been excitedly discussing their Christmas plans with one another.  Sounds like Santa is going to be a busy man this year!

Here are some of the things they have done so far.

Week beginning 16.11.2020

The children have all loved our Stick Man theme this week.  It's been lovely seeing them all using their imaginations when recreating the story.

They have also helped to make some Gingerbread playdough, the smell in the pre-school was amazing.  We have moved some of our soft play inside so that the children have access to it during the day.  The Cygnets have been enjoying letting off steam in there!  Here are some of the activities we have been doing this week.  Next week we will start our Christmas activities and decorating the pre-school.

Week beginning 7.11.2020

The children have been taking advantage of some of the sunny spells we have had this week and spent lots of time in our lovely outdoor space, climbing, jumping, sliding and practising their gross motor skills.   They have been showing lots of interest in nature and the world around them.  We are going to use the children's interest in finding sticks to use in role play, to look at the story Stick Man next week.  We have lots of fun learning opportunities in store.

We have also been making Pudsey biscuits today for Children in Need

We have raised £20, thank you!!

We couldn't possibly put pictures of all the things we have done but this is a little snapshot of what we have been up to.  We hope you enjoy the photos!

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